Lakewood Roofing: The Paragon Of Wisconsin Roofing

Fox Valley Roofers

Of all Commercial and Industrial Toronto roofing contractors serving Appleton, Green Bay, Oshkosh or the Fox Valley, few are as capable as Lakewood Roofing.  Through the years, Lakewood has acquired both the experienced and the professional personnel necessary to successfully complete even the most challenging project.  Lakewood Roofing installs virtually any type of system, and only specifies systems which are compatible with the existing site conditions.  No two roof situations are exactly the same, and Lakewood Roofing has the experience necessary to sufficiently address such issues as wind uplift, termination details, positive and negative building pressures, vapor drive, deck deflection, and site-specific roof contaminants.  The professionals at Lakewood Roofing will guide you through the process of selecting the proper roof system for your particular situation.

Wisconsin Roofing Contractors

Lakewood Roofing, a Wisconsin roofing contractor, embraces the challenge of upper-latitude climate conditions.  The Wisconsin-based roofer professionals at Lakewood Roofing are ready to help you successfully deal with the frigid northern winters.  Lakewood Roofing has professionals on staff who can evaluate the energy use and thermal loads associated with your roof, and can specify roof systems which comply with the latest ASHRAE standards.  Unlike most WI roof contractors, Lakewood Roofing can calculate a date at which your roof system pays for itself based on energy savings.

Lakewood Roofing strives to be the preeminent Wisconsin commercial, industrial and flat-roof roofing contractor with innovative systems, quality workmanship, and competitive prices.

Our professionals can assist in any aspect of your project from drafting, design, and specification to complete new roof construction.

We maintain an aggressive safety program to protect your interests, and take great pride in catering to the individual needs of each customer.

Lakewood Roofing offers emergency patch and repair service, as well as custom maintenance programs to protect your investment.

From the smallest repair to the largest installation, our roofing professionals look forward to serving you.